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  • ITB podcast is the perfect adjunct to normal UFAPS during intensive study time. I put it on a speaker and listen while in the shower. Awesome podcast!


  • Thank you for making the InsideTheBoards podcast and audio qbank. I used both while studying for the USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1. I can remember seeing specific “must know” topics on my exams that you discussed during either the podcast or the audio qbank and it certainly helped me. I will continue to use both products for 3rd year as I prepare for Step/Level2.


  • Great resource for medical students. Gives you multiple angles of learning, study tips, life tips, and everything else you'll need.


  • Loving InsideTheBoards! This has been life saving for me as I have ADHD!


  • I am currently a second year student and I wish that I had found this last year. I thankfully stay average or above in classes, but after listening to this podcast my stress on exams has gone down and my productivity has gone up. My 30-40 minute drive time is now time that I can learn how to think and learn some pretty important topics for when dedicated study time hites!


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Our mission is to teach you to “think like a question writer” so you can study more efficiently, meet your target scores on board exams; and be less anxious about and more confident on boards.

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