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Each year ITB holds a Study Smarter Series during "dedicated prep" season, to help students study for the USMLE Step 1 on-the-go. This year we're following a music festival theme so get ready to rock 🤘

For a more normal (totally lame) experience just read the FAQ below



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Artists and Crew

Patrick C. Beeman, MD

Ted O'Connell, MD

Stewart Bryant, MD

Greg Rodden, MD

Amy Schattel

Pranay Bonagiri

Mariah Siddiqui

Safura Sattar

Chris Breitigan

Madison Linden


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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s with the music fest theme?

We often work on ITB after-hours or when sleep-deprived. The result is that a half-serious suggestion by Chris becomes Patrick’s fever dream from which he can’t be swayed. Also, everybody loves music.

What’s included in my Study Study Smarter Fest?

Okay. We’ll be straight. Every year we’ve done this. Our plans have been way too ambitious. That being said. We plan to put out basically 3 pieces of new content per week on the Study Smarter Podcast Channel of questions dissections from ITB, Micro/Pharm mini-episodes from Physeo, or audio versions of episodes from our partners. But besides new stuff, we’ve got perennial, evergreen content including:

  1. The Podcasts
    • The InsideTheBoards Study Smarter Podcast: Original questions dissections on all the topics you’ll see on USMLE Step 1 / COMLEX Level 1 (see “Set List” above).
    • The Physiology by Physeo Podcast, an audio-friendly eview of pre-clinical physiology thanks to the rockstars at Physeo and lead singer, er, peds resident Greg Rodden.
    • USMLE Step 1 Success Stories: schadenfreude aside, success stories are way more encouraging and filled with practical advice than fail stories.
    • Elsevier’s Crush Step 1: The Podcast. This is an audio-optimized version of Dr. Ted X. O’Connell’s (i.e. xXxTEDXOxXx) high yield review. Oh, and come back when you’re a third year for Ted’s other classic record, “USMLE Step 2 Secrets (An InsideTheBoards Podcast”). For his NSFB (not safe for boards) solo project, “Ted Talks” click here.
  2. Archives of past Study Smarter Series. This is ITB’s 5th annual Study Smarter Series. Inside the ITB app, you can get another 30+ hours of on-the-go board prep content, again, for totally free. Positive reviews on the App Store or Google Play Store, however, are greatly appreciated.
  3. Partner content. We got Cognitionis and QuickSteps to join us as “openers” for Study Smarter fest. Check out their YouTube channels or look inside the ITB Audio Qbank app for more audio-versions of their YouTube content.
  4. Board prep small group/peer support group. Patrick also insists on trying to make Clubhouse a thing. So check the link above to follow him on Clubhouse and join the free group to dissect Physeo questions over live audio on Clubhouse and talk with other students.
  5. Mindfulness meditations. Dedicated prep is stressful. Download the app for some help de-stressing.

Where can I access Study Smarter Fest?

To quote Chris Carraba from Dashboard Confessional, “Hands Down” (yep, that’s the whole quote) the best place to get all the Step 1 Study Smarter Fest material is on the ITB Audio Qbank App. All the Study Smarter Fest content is free. You can also stream the podcasts on all the major platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and now Audible.

What’s the VIP Experience?

While all of the things mentioned above are free. Chris insists on being paid for sitting here and designing all of this stuff and then re-designing, and then re-designing it again. The VIP Experience is just a premium subscription to InsideTheBoards. In addition to what’s been mentioned, you also help pay for Chris’s utility bills and rent, get access to Lecturio’s High Yield Pharmacology, ITB’s All-Audio Qbank, Audio Flashcards (early April), and our eternal gratitude. Oh, and we’re tryna add a “question dissections” audio resource, which will basically be Patrick, Ted, Cognitionis, and other hella cool medical educators dissecting boards-style practice question

So wait, there’s no bands involved?

Well. Not yet. But there is this sick metal track “Step 2 Metal” (ft. xXxTEDXOxXx and darthbeeman) by Chris (our creative director) which you can listen to on Spotify and other major streaming platforms. Also, ITB does have a “Music in Medicine” playlist. Also, we’ve reached out to legit bands and artists to review this webpage. If they respond, their reviews of Study Smarter Fest will be featured below.

Can I skip out on uWorld and just listen to this?

No. But you already knew that.

What’s the difference between uWorld and Juice WRLD?

One is a great audio experience, and the other is a boring but totally essential question bank, unlike ITB which is both a great audio experience and a question bank.

How can you afford to give away this content for free?

Just like some of our friends who make their livings as artists in the music scene, we sleep on friends’ couches and rely on the generosity of others to pay our bills. Especially Chris and Madison. Their bills are...just...so many.

Reviews from the Music Industry

"Worse than Fyre Festival"
Damien Wong, Set to Stun

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